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Research Grop A studio3 (Mui,X,Mo,Kung,Big) 24/1/11-raffles

In this project we did a servey about 6th floor area which is use for the smoker. And we have to decorate 6th floor space which is we have to design a furniture for the smoker that is useful all day.

ในโครงการนี้เราได้สำรวจเกี่ยวกับพื้นที่ชั้น 6 ซึ่งใช้สำหรับสูบบุหรี่ และเรามีการตกแต่งพื้นที่ชั้น 6 ซึ่งขณะนี้มีการออกแบบเฟอร์นิเจอร์สำหรับสูบบุหรี่ที่มีประโยชน์ทั้งวัน



Research Group B Studio3 Furniture Design  (Be, Ming,Nay,New,Boat) 24/1/11- raffles

Our presentation is about 6th floor of raffles design instituite. We did a survey about 6 floor and we also did questioniar about smoking area from non-smoker to smoker. The 6th floor is seperated in 3 areas. Zone 1 is near the entrance. Zone two is the corner that most people will go to because this space have good ventulation. The last zone is the parking area where people park their cars.



Research group C  (studio 3)-  Ekk, Waew, Sai, Nam, New, and Ice (24/1/11- raffles)


My group is going to make a “new incredible furniture with “cool functions follow as “cup holder, “ashtray “bin and “magazine holder.

which we design “for smoker in the parking area on 6th floor, Silom Center Building, Bangkok. But our furniture will also support “non-smoker in the same time.

From the research and case study, we know the period of time that smokers usually come to this area so in another time, non-smoke able to use this furniture enjoyable.

The materials that we chose to study from Material ConneXion are

“Natural rubber sheets, ”Natural fiber sheet that utilizes waste materials, “Durable woven polymer rattan, “PP woven textile and “Teak wood mat.



Studio Practice III Week 11 [Big]

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Big’s skecth of his bench with back rest that use for other belongings such as drinks or magazines.

ภาพสเก็ตช์ม้านั่งและที่พิงที่ใช้วางของอย่างอื่นเช่น เครื่องดื่มหรือนิตยสาร

Dimension of the bench.


Dimension of the bench.


Group of students with class lecturer Giuseppe Guerriero

นักเรียนกับอาจารย์จูเซปเป้ เกอริเอโร่


Studio Practice III Week 11 [Mui-Nay]

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Computer drawing of their design of a folding chair


Dimension of group 1’s folding chair for public use.

สัดส่วนของเก้าอี้พับในที่สาธารณะออกแบบโดยกลุ่ม 1

Studio Practice III Week 11 [New-Nam-Waew]

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Try out for material



Texture of the material is scale of fish



material: Pla Nin (Fish scale)

วัสดุ : เกล็ดปลานิล

Studio Practice III Week 11 [Ek]

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His inspirations are from thai architecture and contemporary style. This is his designed bench for public space.


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